Think About This

By Delbert H. Rhodes


The door is open to “Think About This.” Here is the place to offer your wonderful ideas, suggestions, recommendations, complaints and praises to Living Shadows. Your interactive participation on the site is encouraged and welcomed. You may also use this page as a Forum, developing and coordinating constructive issues and answers.

Simply say it like it is, but without profanity, please.

Your help enables Living Shadows to better serve other site visitors and you. Not a frequent visitor? No problem. Please: share your insights anyway; we care to know your thinking.


21 thoughts on “Think About This

    1. I absolutely agree, Jerry! I too was elated to have the wonderful opportunity to converse with you at length, and after so many years. We must continue to cement the bridge of friendship, my brother. 🙂


  1. In my old neighborhood, and during my youth, someone started a rumor about me, the person said that I was homosexual; I was not and am not. Did anyone ever start a rumor about you?


      1. Hello, Dianna, you are first to comment in “Think About This.” I too learned to overcome shyness by having to speak in front of large bodies of people. At the time, I was a classroom therapist, and required to demonstrate my program to visitors. Sometimes, the lines would extend into the outer hallway. In time, the embarrassment lessened and proficiency reigned.


    1. That is a very good question and one of the things I hate most in people. Having been a foster mother to many abused children I found that they think lying will keep them from being abused. Lying usually ends up causing them more abuse. It’s a habit they acquire and carry it through to adulthood. Survival mechanism, perhaps? I think some people lie because they have low self esteem. Do you have another view on this subject?


      1. Dianna, I believe that the points you have made are “on target.” I would add one other consideration, and that is, we are and in many ways, taught to lie from the days of childhood; the many “stories,” and cultural practices based on beliefs passed from generation to generation. Do not misunderstand, I loved and love the “fairy tales,” and stories of Christmas and Halloween, and Easter. Unfortunately, if one takes the time to properly research these and other events, truth, most times, shadows the fantastic lulls of childhood.

        Stay Connected Dianna 🙂


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