“Search No More”

After Storm

By Delbert H. Rhodes

The scenario below woke me. We must ever heed our dreams, their questions and answers require (a) pure vision. If you would: pause and ponder the moment. 

After the storm:

Arnie worries and worries this moment: he is sad and filled with wrought. Around him such devastation, the storms last night have brought. Houses broken buildings torn trees uprooted and strewn, dismayed he looks for emergency help, but none is coming soon. He holds his head stomps his feet jumps and then turns around. Strangely: he falls to his knees while staring at the ground.

From him comes unspoken words clasping his hands he prays. Confused teary eyed and sobbing, on his knees he stays. “Oh, My Lord, please where are you, why did this happen to us?” For hours, it seems, Arnie prays, the daylight turning to dusk.

Above him: the skies become dark with night, but on his knees, he stayed. Helplessly hurting and alone, anguishly he prayed. Behind the curtain of daybreak, something brightens his smile. To the heavens and somehow knowingly, he cries like a happy child.

Before his worn and weary eyes Arnie’s neighborhood pristine this day and forever in his life, the best thing ever seen. Surrounding him, people run cheering hugging and holding his hand. “Arnie!” “Arnie!” they hail him, “You are such a wonderful man!”

Humility swelling his soul, Arnie graciously offers these words. His neighbors stunned though filled with glory, from everything they heard. “My friends,” his trembling voice rings out, “these tears I CRY FOR YOU….” “A miracle has occurred this day, and this I could not do.”
“You see: it is not to me you owe your cheers and heartfelt love. The blessings we have come from God. Give thanks to HIM above.”

With that, Arnie lowers his eyes and then slowly walks away. The rest of his life to Search No More, for Christ he found that day.

Copyright © 2011 Delbert H. Rhodes