Son, said my mother

There is something
You should know
The tale I want to tell
Happened long ago

I truly loved my nana
She is forever in my heart
One day, God took her
Father, must we part

He said, never worry
Your nana is there with you
As night shelters starlight
And day its morning dew

Like her nana

I loved my mother
Her smile so sweetly bright
With hair of golden corn silk
And eyes like crystal light

One day Father called her
Lord, must she go

He said, son cry your tears
Though sad they’ll be few
Look there to the horizon
From there she watches you

Then one morning
Beneath the twilight

The Father took my hand
Son, he said, walk with me
Let’s stroll through the land

We bypassed a surging river
In the trees a singing bird
Between us, all was quiet
We spoke never a word

In a garden filled with flowers
Beneath a gorgeous apple tree
Her arms forming a cradle
My mama returned to me
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes

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