The loveliest flower
The tallest tree
The turbulent ocean
A river’s sea

The sweetest song
With never a word
Or lingering thoughts
You think you heard

A brilliant color
The rainbow’s smile
Mystery’s majesty
To ever beguile

Seeds of life
Forever to grow
And everything learned
Or ever to know

An old penny
Dirty and dusty
Tarnished and torn
Resplendently rusty

A shimmering stream
Where all wishes fell
Cool spring water
The deepest well

Perhaps starlight
Tracing the sky
Or wings of birds
Daring to fly

The happy child
Building a kite
Or twilight’s curtain
Caressing the night

Of the many visions
I care to see
Mine is loving you
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Visions

  1. Oh, Thank You, Terry. I too like this one it encompasses many things and memories, inclusive of the days when the art of kite building was something elders passed on and little boys loved. This particular memory comes from my childhood.

    Greeting Cards: The answer is yes; actually, I (do) make and publish my own from time to time; usually for special friends,or family. Others have encouraged me to sell them, maybe I should re-consider the venture. The competition is huge!

    And yes, I hope to continue writing until my last breath; if I am permitted.

    Again, Dear Lady: Thank You.


  2. Wow! I really like this. Have you ever considered writing greeting cards? Your own greeting card company perhaps? You would do well I bet. Awesome work – you are very gifted Del. Keep writing.



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