Today I cried.
Am I less the man because I feel;

the jester in the eyes of men,

Bells do not round my head.
The music to which I dance is mine.

Does pretension insulate me, make
me stronger, the better man?

I do not know why I cried,
but tears poured from me.

Whether I cry because of worry,
or worry because I cry;
the results are the same.

Darkness shrouds me. 

From many sources sadness fills me:
it gorges me yet why then
am I empty, ever empty.

Youth has since perished;
sap courses slowly, and 
before wetting the bark

It dries.

This day is characteristic.
Elements are without fault
The Sunset and Twilight look to me

Tomorrow: Would I smile?

Copyright 2013-2014 Delbert H. Rhodes

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