The Barking Dog

Traffic streams quietly; and
it fails to distract my thinking.
Why, I think, do certain noises
soothe as others acutely disturb

Strings dangle as the winds
tickle the bellies of kites, their
tails, like rainbows, resiliently
bending in distant skies

A dog incessantly barks. What,
otherwise, would be a beautiful
morning, moment, now, is a
deluge of animal disruptions

The dog barks all day; and
why, I wonder, does no one
complain; and what of its owner,
can he, she not hear the barking

Truth and reason often differ;
and sometimes difference
never matters. The matter is
the moment: and this moment.

While preparing breakfast, my
feelings grip me; thirteen years
since I have seen my Mom
Sadly, I am silenced.

I think of wildernesses; and
places left untouched: forests,
animals, plants and germs;
and minds never imprinted

I watch Simon and Garfunkel
Singing: “The Sound of Silence.”
The melody harmoniously haunts;
it tenderly touches me, freeing me.

Permitted better places: mentally;
I traverse beautifully twisting
labyrinths; escaping my feelings
and briefly, the barking dog.

The day evolves: blending, renewing;
and then ending: Nths become
milliseconds; and then milliseconds
moments; and moments, eternities.

I replay the video.


Someone replays the dog.