The Sunshine Grins

The morning wakes
The day begins
A Rooster crows
The sunshine grins

A quiet voice
To him speaks
Of last week’s days
And this day’s weeks

He lifts his head
Then rolls his eyes
Beneath the covers
His body cries

For her he reaches
But she’s not there
Touching her memory
He feels despair

Since her death
He’s all alone
Her lovely hair
Still in her comb

“Alas, my love,
‘Why did you go?’”
The answers surely
He’ll never know

Her eyes a light
Deep in his heart
Her cherished love
The day to start

With hurting hands
He teams his plow
With bending back
And burning brow

The sunlight bright
His eyes are blind
Her lovely face
Surrounds his mind

In the distance
He thinks he sees
“Oh, my God.
‘Oh, God, Please!’”
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes

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