Next to me, you are delicious.
Smeared in sheer garments,
your image is mouth watering.

Your eyes light the darkness,
darkness receding, we shine.
The night watching,
our fires burn.

Pretending shyness,
you submit to a good man,
the right man.

Pulling me closer,
storms swell, tensions rage,
and moments are everything.

Into the labyrinth, deeply, I fall,
I hunger, my darling, surrender.
Graciously, you feed me.

My plate overflows, you are a
treat, tasty. I devour you.

Quietly, the silence listens,
it is mystified, entranced.
Your curvy legs surround me.
Thighs high, your lips are moist.

Oh…sweet nectar, it thrills me,
the sticky flower consumes us.
The morning wets with rain,
and fog stains the windows.

Stretching, you say, “Hi,”
your smile intoxicates me.

Tenderly, you lean closer,
your breasts are soft,
inside my touch, they melt.

Lovingly, the quiet holds us.

Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “The Quiet

    1. Hello Pretty Lady! It is so nice that you have visited me here. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read something. I am happy that “The Quiet,” touches you. I loved every moment of its growth and development, a thrilling write. Do stop by whenever you have the time, you know how much I enjoy your visits, and your smile. 🙂 Love you; Del.

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