The Jester’s Stare

Into her chambers
He steals each night
With never the care
Of wrong or right

Her hungry arms
Embrace his passion
He flees the morning
In timely fashion

Of love he seeks
For him, he knows
It could never be

On quests of death
For the king he rides
His love for the queen
From the king he hides

Into battle he rages
With a double blade
Last night in her bed
The assault he made

Woe the king
And his court
The table round
Forever for love
He is duty bound

The hillsides scream
And collapse in pain
His bloody heart
The bodies stain

Behind him waits
A war to fight
To her charms befalls
The gallant knight

From every corner
He must beware
Of shadowy eyes
The jester’s stare

The king the court
And the guillotine
He risks them all
To love his queen
Copyright © 2008 Delbert H. Rhodes

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