Sweetness sorely stripped away
The Ferris Wheel still turns
Inside tears rivers flow
A fire cools but burns

Winds wail water falls
Deserts raining dust
Searching sorted memories
Make sense of them, I must

Then one day an old man stops
His face a brilliant smile
Tears, he says, are happiness

Lean and listen awhile

Look to days of laughter
Nights fulfilling bliss
And dreamy sleepy mornings
Awakened by a kiss

The lovely moments of songs
Glees in every hymn
Voices swell with love
For him, for her, for them

Embrace sorrows, my dear
For indeed they have a plan
Written in rosy details
The blossoms your sweet hands

To the skies spread your wings
The heavens yours to see
Relish ancestral counsel
More is there to be

Mend your heart with happy tears
Share them with Jane or Jim
Truth: a treasure yours to find
Your search begins with Him

Copyright © 2014 Delbert H. Rhodes

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