Tears of Laughter

Can you see it?
See the tears in my eyes
Can you see the laughter?
Living in my cries

 Feel it …you must
Oh, yes, deep inside

 The twisting labyrinth opening
Exposing a cringing core
Tormenting my sleep
Dare I beg for more

 During the days I smile
A shield cloaking pain
Beneath a brilliant sun
A crystal muddy rain

 Can you hear it?
The screams ever stay
Hiding inside my head
Haunting the dreadful day

 Yes, I see it
Fluffing my restless pillow
A daunting invading stillness
My dreams the weeping willow

 Finally, I understand

Laughter sweetly washes me
My tears bath me clean
Building the better person
The best I have ever seen
Copyright © 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

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