I am sorry for everything
For the hurting sorrows bring

A living memory of all I should
Wishing that I never could

Where is the courage to reach for you
Replacing the ever want to do

And must I suffer for everyone
For family friends the pains undone

Why must I cry it hurts me so
Clinging tears never let go

And friends were are they
In chilling nights the freezing day

In our youth plans we had
Incomplete, smiles are sad

This world a hole of dread and plight
Leaving bestows a brilliant light

Are you sorry for never caring
The hours longing denying sharing

The sorted moments living with us
The never ever learning to trust

Okay I know we made mistakes
We shook the world did double takes

Sorry for never saying goodbye (but)
Now I’m gone and now you cry
Copyright © 2011 Delbert H. Rhodes

3 thoughts on “Sorry?

  1. Ah, yes, the endearing cozy love light. I agree and thank you: reading while relaxing by a fire; reclining in a quiet meadow; near water; even a restive automobile ride offers a passionate peace difficult to find and never to surrender. I too am heartfully drawn to this type repose.


  2. P.S. I can just see it now, your work in paper back form. There are still many who prefer to curl up with a good book, especially in the winter by the fire. I am one of them. It just seems like this is where your work is meant to be read, by a cozy fire – or a lazy summer afternoon. Any time really. Keep writing.



  3. I will say it again and again – you are a very talented writer Del.

    “This world a hole
    Of dread and plight
    Leaving bestows a brilliant light”

    My thoughts exactly!

    Keep writing.



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