Shadows of My Thoughts

With the charm of twilight embracing daylight
Her eyes were dreamy dark and luminous
Like moonlit crystal dew drops
Melting into an early morning sky

She seemed preoccupied by undisclosed passions
Perhaps mourning the many left behind
Enchanted by the awe of her making
I was breathless of the life

That fashioned her and hungry to taste
Each breath she took as I observed
From the shadows of my thoughts
Mystery of the unknown stirred my heart

Manifesting visceral excitement
For one moment her eyes caressed me
And then a sweet succulent smile
The distance grew ever so close

Daring to sail away in this dream
Her quest became my adventure
Her angelic aura my guiding light
Stormy seductive seas derived

Limpid pools of pleasure torment evolved
Perpetual bliss I was emotion
Born without passion words without voice
To give me life and deeply thankful

 For all she was for within me
She dwells forever and forever
Never ends

Copyright © 2002 Delbert H. Rhodes

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