My Sweet Rose

Feeling my anguish hurt and confusion
You lovingly aid my plight
Seeking shelter inside your arms
Your heart my guiding light

Shivering from the cold, you warm me
With you, I am dry in the rain
My blood flowing with suffrage
The thought of you eases my pain 

A hot sun burning my brow
It is not to the shadows I plead
Tired torn and filled with dismay
Your smile is all I need

The days, lonely without you
Nights are miserably meek
The shadows silently whisper
My voice suffers to speak 

The stars are playful at twilight
The daylight, dimples with dew
The brilliance dimming in my light
I run reaching for you 

My sweet rose quietly sleeping
Your love is my sleeping pill
Happiness since our first meeting
My life, my darling, you fill 

Dreamscapes play on my pillow
Pleasures entreating my mind
The night smiling and laughing
I am yours as you are mine

Copyright © 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

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