Lovingly Clear

Oh sweet child I love you so
To my death I must
Your lovely face you turn from me
Still, your heart I trust

Unwittingly walking into my life
You touched my heart and soul
So precious your passionate promises
Your smile its weight in gold

Daydreaming, often I think of you
My thoughts are sweet and pure
Emotional trappings and weariness
Your love the lasting cure

So long has time come and gone
Too distant your footsteps tread
The horizons my hope for answers
Wondering what waits ahead

How much I wish to hear your voice
I desire to hold your hand
Trapped by fate’s endearing claws
The twist is love’s command

The looming days and nights I face
My waking sorrows smile
The living dream there in your eyes
My truth for just the while

Teasing whispers taunt my ears
The messages lovingly clear
Yes, truly you are far away
Yet, in my heart you are here
Copyright © 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

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