Loving It

The deer the duck the porcupine
Darting across your path
One by one
They make their way
Gliding through the grass

Silent winds tease the trees
Telling bygone tales
Age old stories
Swell the skies
Stirring stormy gales

A babbling brook babbles song
Flowing slowly fast
Through distant valleys
It travels far
Returning to the past

Mountains speak to puffy clouds
Echoes pen the page
Flowers bees and butterflies
Lovingly engage

Raindrops fall
(And) children laugh
(And) crickets dance with glee
Never ever in the world
A better place to be

Poetic dreams enthrall the mind
With visions bright and pure
Tonight to sleep
As passions smile
Loving it all… for sure
Copyright © 2007 Delbert H. Rhodes

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