Living in Laughter

The jester’s lot
Are fools of old
Living in laughter
Are stories told

He dances and jiggles
And bounces around
To His Majesty’s ears
Are treacheries bound

Matters of court
Silhouette the table
Below is hidden
The jester’s stable

To laughter he listens
Strategies he hears
 Sullen disloyalties
 Tingles his ears

On the eve he dances
To cheers he rhymes
To the king he brings
Traitorous times

The wee hours whisper
Of shadowy deeds
Their heads in a basket
The guilty pleads

The townspeople gossip
And all children sing
Waiting to see (what)
Tomorrow would bring

Thy disloyalty
Priceless as gold
In the baskets
New heads would roll

Once more the jester
Stories and rhymes
And his laughter taunts
Of treacherous times
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes

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