Lady Leprechaun

Lady my wonderful lady
Your lovely rainbow glows
Luminously tracing the skies
Its secrets yet to unfold

My dear lovely lady
You have stolen my heart
My suffrage endless and aimless
Uncertain where to start

In my dreams, I hold you
My pillow painfully sleeps
My hurting heart desires you
Though you I cannot keep

Let us embrace these feelings
Come walk with me my sweet
Awash in misty moonlight
This puzzle would be complete

Your hand searching mine
Seductively dewy and soft
Then yes soon my dear
Ice creamy bridges we cross

Our fingertips tenderly tingle
Our toes curvaceously curl
Our bodies filling with sunshine
Our hearts are brilliant pearls

Moonbeams wantonly whisper
Eternity ruling our minds
The world belongs to us
Forever ours to find

Look there, high in the heavens
The moon titillates the sun
Black holes seeded by comets
Starlight and daylight to come

Tell me one ancient secret
Of silence seducing the breeze
Or of shadows deep in the forest
And winds tempting the trees

My delightful delicious lady
With me, you sleep please say
On the morn returning to twilight
This night to forever…stay
Copyright © 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Lady Leprechaun

    1. Hi Shearell, thank you for the wonderful comments. “Lady Leprechaun” was inspired by a lovely woman I met and worked with for a short while. She has since departed, but her memory lives on in the work.

      Stay in touch.



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