Inside the Window

Oh… there you are… so lovely.
The light deliciously touches you,
it is warm soft and appealing.

The living mannequin, you are
doll-like, superimposed.
Yes, I see you.

Brushing your skin
images create shadows,
their forms artistically luring.

Do tearful throngs surrender you,
and are they distant serenades…
…the songs of gallant men?

I am lost for consoling you;
my arms empty
without holding you.

In The Garden, I anguish,
sheepishly gazing at The Tree,
then along comes The Lady
whose cunning devours me?

Why must I want you; in truth,
where hide your secrets?

Dare I know?

I love looking at you,
you are m
y favorite ice cream,
what flavor would you be?

Passionately, my feelings flow,
delivering me to you. Look closely,
I am the floating leaf.

Is this a daydream….
Do dreams come true?
Please… say something.

Your heart imposes, stirs me, yet
it is fantastic, an unreal reality.
Alas… my place is here, and
yours, there, inside the window.

Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

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