I Miss You…

…The morning waits,
and you taste its breath.

I am envious of morning’s touch,
its influences.

An enchanting light, you mist
the room, I am aglow, and your
sensuousness tantalizes me.

Precious garments cover you, they
are delicate, expensive, exquisite.
As they do, I wish to touch you.

The window catches your stare.
Outside, birdsongs sweeten the day.
“Yes, beautiful they are; ‘you’ are.”

Time lingers no longer,
before leaving, you turn to me,
and my heart races, I feel anguish,
alone, distraught chokes me.

The chilling clarity is harrowing,
dismay smiles sweetly. Struggling
for words, echoes cry out,
did you hear?

Holding you is different, strange.
Who are you, where are you?
Come back to me.

Lately, mornings are colder,
the winds are frosty blankets, my bed
sleepy with sorrows. I miss you,

Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

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