Forever My Life

Stars swarm the heavens
Are they the brightest lights?
Deeply cloaked by darkness
Brilliantly out of sight

Below in sprawling landscapes
Creatures toil with tasks
Infinity is (?) forever
Lifetimes never last

Dying of living decay
Dilemmas in paradox
Deserts in vivid decline
Genomes sprouting rocks

My brother no longer lives
He walks an unknown path
My prayers someday answered
Again, one day we laugh

Death I offered life
I wanted him to live
This vessel worn and weary
My life mine to give

I warily welcome tomorrow
Realities teasing my mind
Imposing reflections intrude
Uncertainties easy to find

In dreams my brother speaks
His words to me a maze
Confusion abundantly clear
Wonder fills my days

A blue-eyed lovely baby
His smiles beautifully bright
As stars shimmer darkness
His light forever my life

Copyright © 2015 Delbert H. Rhodes

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