Forests of Darkness

The gifts of heaven are threefold
These are life love and trust
Throughout life, we live as we do
Of course, we do, as we must

Sorted the days, timeless the moments
The ventures ours to take
Confusion often closing our eyes
To all decisions we make

We pray we cry we hurt for hours
Pleading, we look to the stars
Heavy, our hearts begin to bleed
The crimson tide is ours

Sanguineous seas feverishly flow
 Suffrage sweeting the fight
Visually trusting tragic eyes
Surviving another night

Inside our tears, a lonesome truth
Afraid to show its face
Bravely, we stand against it all
Alone in silent grace

They beat us hurt us
They nearly kill us
The breath of life remains

Cast aside and carted away
we’re merely human stains

The path before us uncertain
Yet, here we cannot stay
Fearful in forests of darkness
We fretfully find our way

Time has long since passed
The years have come and gone
Proudly, we walk among the many
Yet still we are alone
Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Forests of Darkness

    1. Nomonde, I apologize for not providing you a speedy reply, for beauty lives inside your response. The woodlands are places filled with lustrous mysteries, waiting to embrace those (whom would come) with sweetness.

      The Oaks, though not noted in the work, are my favorites and since childhood. They stand vigilantly with a pride that transcends generations, protectors of all needing their powerful arms; instructive to any open to tales of yesterday. In many ways, darkness offers illuminative pathways to clarity; a sorrowful key to better understanding.


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