For the Lost

Shaking me from sleep
morning smiles,
I cannot help but wonder;
“Why does torment shape her?”

Confusion toys with me and
I nervously search for answers.
Morning suffers my confidences.

Outside: The sky looms in blue.
Colorful birds dart about the trees
and the winds cuddle to dance.
Curiously, a bird stares in at me.

Seemingly, all is well with the day.
Still, something is amiss.
Morning adorns a misty shroud,
the veil is a moniker of distress.

Gleefully, my mind teases me;
it wants to play a game.
Hide and Seek is difficult,
with one’s own thinking.

My ears alert to morning’s whispers.
The tale grips me; it is strange, hollow.
Sadly, overwhelming loss fills me.
Someone hurts, someone needs.

Breathing is difficult; emotionally, I am torn.
Inside me, outcries scream without voices.
Morning is sunlit; displeasure traces her face.
Her anguish captivates me.

Desperately, she needs to know,
“Who will cry for the lost?”

Tears well in my eyes;
the question renders me speechless.

Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

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