Father’s Day

Where is my dad
Oh, hear me say
Whom do I call
On Father’s Day

To the skies I look
(And) God sits there
To Him I cry
To me a stare

Oh, daddy, daddy
Where are you
In a world of colors
My color is blue

On that last day
I close my eyes
Fatherless I’ve lived
My father dies
Copyright © 2007 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. Hi Shearell,
    Yes, this has long been a sadness to me; aging fails to lessen the suffrage, but allows for (deeper) understanding. Children brought into the world need two parents, a mother and a father, one parent and regardless how great, simply is never enough.



  2. Hi Del,
    I chose this poem because Father’s Day is so close, but its so sad. I wrote a answer to your poem. To my eyes it brings a tear. to my heart it makes wonder what happen here. I feel the pain within your heart for it stabs and then rips it apart. I hope that one day your color will no longer be blue. But your colors will be many like a rainbow all just for you.



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