Uncertainties, ever enthralling
Somewhere, someplace to go
Oceans, bastions of query
Somehow, someday to know

Mindfully thrilling ambiguities
Decisions dolefully decry
Pretentious probable perplexities:
assuredly, I wonder, but why

What of love, or, the
hunger-filled curious child
an aimless drifting snowflake:
searching an endless smile

Alas, the ravishing rains
Seducing the skies with tears
Or, solemnly shrinking lifetimes
The terrible truncated years

Tell me, then, of purposes
About corners rounding a hill
Or, of old folks rocking in chairs
And sitting silently still

Engaging the quests of truth,
an endeavor one knows well
The preferable guise of linger-
Would…thinking, tell (?)

Least: the less of more
Something that everything feels
Or, most, the unrelenting…
Are these real?

The Scribes scripting on stones
The old, the ancient and new
Preconceived tales of time
Presumptuously difficult to do

Absolutes in life are absent
Mathematically, the equations occur
Oxymorons: verbal negations
Adulterate is purely a slur

How are echoes living reflections
And arguments: reasons to shout
The enticing enigmas of life
Forever: we foolishly doubt

Copyright (c) 2016 Delbert H. Rhodes