Echoes of Love

There a little
Girl of three
The daughter mine
I wished to be

Her lovely smile
The dawning world
Starlit her eyes
The perfect pearl

Before she came
My heart was mine
Now hers it is
For all of time

Within her hands
She holds the earth
If all is lost
Would joy be first

Her tiny fingers
So filled with wonder
My soul she bares
With precious ponder

When she sleeps
Her dreams unfold
Reshaping memories
And stories of old

In a cloudy day
Or sweet blue sky
The winds she kisses
As they pass-by

All about her
The miracle
Her laughter
Adoringly lyrical

Her tender touch
A velvet glove
From mountains high
Echoes of love
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Echoes of Love

    1. Hi captivatingbitter; and thank you for reading and sharing your feelings.

      Love of any kind is special and parental love is incredible.

      I have no children: the little girl who inspired this poem I met many years ago. Today she is grown and lovely; and since my eyes first saw her I have loved her; she was three years old.

      A daddy’s love must be wonderful; this I would never know, mine abandoned me at the age of four. I understand and share your hurt.

      We live to suffer yet still we live.

      Stay in touch and be well,


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