A Conscious Quilt

 Songbirds wake the morn
Years have floated by
Life a blanket made
Strands of tears to cry

Days a needle long
Nights its peering hole
Thimbles bearing weight
A process to behold

In and out the needle
This place then the next
Tireless thread attaches
A tapestry of text

Youth is filled by dreams
Aging makes them real
The pillow sleeps success
Misfortune covers peel

Songbirds wipe their eyes
This I’ve never seen
Their throats gargle songs
Does a songbird dream?

Looming schedules bellow
Room to room I race
Bed to bathroom shower
Hectically I pace

Across the floor in flight
Striding as with wings
Remembering all I must
Forgetting many things

Tick, tick, tick the time
Minutes sweep away
Out the door I fly
Wishing I could stay

The busy morning waits
Traffic saves my place
A wave a friendly driver
Her eyes a lovely face

Reality kisses the morn
A bed of songs my life
Songbirds closely snuggle
“…Its husband. Its wife.”

Our lives orderly chaos
A songbird’s life is true
Observing answers found
It shows us what to do
Copyright © 2004 Delbert H. Rhodes

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