Dark Eyes

Can anything be lovelier
Than a picture in its frame
So much better knowing
The picture has a name 

Opulent pearls of mystery
Reflecting distant lights
Heavenly pools of pleasure
Ascending greater heights 

Dark eyes are alluring
Illusions clearly seen
Sensual ghosts displaying
Dreams in crystalline 

Casting stems of moonlight
As radiant as the sun
Secretive voids of wonder
Disclosing never one 

Luring streaming shimmers
Tenderly make me warm
Quivers cloud my soul
A stirring thunderstorm 

Coal derives the diamond
The quest…to explore
Desire begs commitment
Less, always more 

Special is the face
With eyes of fluid love
Captivating time
The willow and its dove 

Arks of ancient blessings
Tales to be told
Visions of the heart
Forever to behold 

Copyright © 2004 Delbert H. Rhodes

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