Daddy’s Smile

A father’s love
Is really neat
Torn by question
But so complete

Leading the way
He takes your hand
Then says, “Son,
just be a man.”

He makes you laugh
Though you’re sad
Warms your breeches
When you’re bad

Throughout your life
One thing you know
He’s your dad
And loves you so

Beneath the sky
With him you walk
“Come on dad…”
“…it’s time to talk.”

Then darkness comes
And sadness hurts
You scream and shout
But nothing works

Your pain delivers
A crystal tear
A brilliant light
A glowing sphere

The moment’s brief
But takes a while
In its shimmer
Is daddy’s smile

In his eyes
The bright of day
Orbs of love
To light your way

The cords of life
Display a twist
Here then gone
A fragile mist

Goodbye hurts
But has to come
“I love you, dad.”
“I love ‘you,’ son.”
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes

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