Color of Honor

Beneath the call of duty
a seductive seed does thrive
it fuels the fires of terror
a darkness deep inside

Loudly the shots ring out
but his ears alone can hear
a tale of sorted beginnings
its endings violently clear

“Oh, Lord, when would it stop.”
A woman tearfully said
His Wife: too torn to cry
For her: we cry, instead

Why humanity do you deny us
Injustice: Its highest degree
Your tears of rotted worms
And eyes unable to see

Bloodlines bleeding heartbreaks
Tales of our Nations in chains.
The yolks: choking reminders;
the more, the less, the gains.

The window cradles my Mother
A picture lies in her hand
Her eyes aglow with darkness
Too easy to understand

“Son,” she says, “I love you; but
Devils, too, boast the badge.
Smearing the color of honor
The stains are terribly sad.”

My Father adorned The Blue
Something he did with pride:
he perished by friendly fire;
something his “friends?” denied.

Copyright (c) 2016 Delbert H. Rhodes