Close Your Eyes

You wish there were a nickel
For every thought you had
You’d buy a special teardrop
Cause every thought is sad

Early morning wakes you
Your bed is still asleep
Your mind is busy thinking
This thought is incomplete

Daytime boasting brightness
Darkness shelters light
Looming shadows playing
Specters spawning flight

It really matters little
Your place in life today
Doorbells ring misfortune
To take it all away

Life’s enduring question
Is how I came to be
Searching renders trifle
So close your eyes and see

Ask yourself I dare you
What from life you want
Position money power
A temporary taunt

Of many queries pondered
This one makes me smile
“Are you called the Reaper?”
You’ll know in just a while
Copyright © 2004 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Close Your Eyes

    1. Hi, Shearell. You have been away for awhile, hope all is well with you. Scary: Oh, yes, whenever “The Reaper,” steps in all is in a frenzy; he takes you by the hand and leads you to “nowhere.” Just close your eyes, and everything will be okay?

      Stop by soon.


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