Blinded by Sight

The Coaster roars through
a labyrinth of turns
for reasons unknown
the Merry-Go-Round I yearn

Round and round together
we spin, as did Dorothy
and the Wizard, behind
the curtain I grin

This moment the canvas
sweetly shadows my face
a lifetime of memories
remarkably retraced

Clarity, confusion, clutching
delusions, I glide;
 the clackity
clack of my feelings

on the Coaster I ride

Then dimly without warning
fire blackens the night
darkness silhouettes the skies
  I am blinded by sight

Above and below me
everything a haze
eerily twisting and turning
I whiz through the maze

Down, down, down
into the spiral I fall
a spider’s web of rails
consumes the Coaster and all

Copyright 2012 © Delbert H. Rhodes

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