The bonds of trust
Should never be broken
The tenets of truth
Should never be tried

Sad the tears
Of them forsaken
And twisted the smiles
Of all whom lied

You welcome the day
Invoking tomorrow
And surely your wishes
Are never in vain

(But) sometimes your dreams
Are borne by sorrow
And sometimes you wish
Today never came

You tasted the sweetness
You hungered for joy
Now alone in a box
The throw away toy

In your arms
The feelings of
Lasting embraces

Pretentious facades
Of sullen disgraces

To your knees you fall
You cry to the night
Shaking and trembling
A pitiful sight

Driven by anguish
You call out His Name
And there in your heart
Is no-one to blame
Copyright © 2010 Delbert H. Rhodes

3 thoughts on “Blame

  1. Hi Terry. True: truth and trust are difficult to harness. From childhood we are taught the importance of these traits, but sadly, and somewhere along the way, some of us lose the connections.

    Yes, “The whole world is a stage- “And Everybody’s playin’ A Part.” Absolutely! Tiresome is it not. The Game is the Name.

    One wants to trust and aches for truth yet, neither can be afforded nor offered-most times. I guess, and as did Hansel and Gretel, the traits got lost in the woods.

    Therefore, we settle for subtle and lose the greatest benefit…The(whole)Person

    Sad. But “True.” “Trust” Me.


    1. Can one really have the pleasure of the “whole” person? And how would you know he or she when you see them?

      And what is the point of playing games – I wonder? Is it because everyone tries to be “perfect,” hiding a part of themselves that they feel may cause them rejection?

      Is it not common knowledge that one will lose in the end anyway – by being fake – living a lie? No one wins anything by it – so why do humans with so little time on earth live in sham? I guess because we can huh?

      Just ranting, don’t really expect you to have the answers.

      Life is hard, sigh.



  2. I like! Sad that “truth” and “trust” are very hard to come by these days. There is a song – oldie, “The Whole World Is A Stage – the chorus – “And Everybody’s Playin’ A Part. Isn’t that the truth.

    What makes “trust” hard – people are never satisfied. We tend to think that there is always someone, or something better. And if we make a decision, we feel that we are missing out on something.

    “Truth” – well, no one likes a lie, and yet, “truth” seems to be outdated, and feels too rigid. Truth can hurt or heal, depends on the person on the receiving end. I personally prefer truth. And yet, the lies always seems to find me somehow. Oh well.


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