I do not know how to stand here,
additionally, to inspire you,
challenge your listening while
seducing your minds. 

I am not a rapper,
a singer songwriter or, a poet.
I am not brilliant, but
I will stand here, as best I can. 

Look at me, here,
am I what you expected,
do I meet your expectations?
Yeah, someone else would be better. 

If I were a Last Poet, or,
Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, or,
Gina Loring, then standing
here would be different. 

Sorry, this one you lose.
I am an unknown, horribly unrehearsed,
and the unthinkable vision,
staring at you.

Will you throw rocks at me,
beat me into submission; gouge out my eyes?
Ah, yes, and quickly, to the guillotine,
and off with my head!

No matter:
for beyond your disbelief,
behind the curtain, there is nothing.
The rainbow hides no pot of gold….

Woe to those willing to commit,
to the unwary of heart,
to the concerned and caring,
it is for naught. 

Why do I stand here,
when and after all,
I prefer some other place,
and-frankly-other people. 

Actually: you, I dislike.
Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

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