And So We Cry

We cry to live in mama’s arms
We cry because it’s sweet
Oh, to look into her eyes
To crumble at her feet

We cry for those we’ve lost
For all to be returned
The wandering searching footsteps
For everything we’ve learned

We cry because we are alone
And because we are afraid
No matter the promises to behave
But every promise made

Because we are not special
We were not made this way
And yes even though try we have
Alone we are today

We cry for sullen sunshine
The pitiful falling rain
Nature’s tragic teardrops
Suffering hurt and pain

We ask for one thing only
And that is to simply live
And though it is not much to want
Perhaps too much to give

We cry the waking days
The nightfalls soon to come
And woe cascading waterfalls
The silent screaming hum

We cry for sorted yesterdays
Tomorrows daunting dreams
And the pleasantly painted vistas
Daring to be seen

No matter how we want
No matter how we feel
This moment matters only
Because the matter is real

We hold our fretting faces
Hide an unseen smile
And so we cry one time more
This time: a long, long while
Copyright © 2011 Delbert H. Rhodes

4 thoughts on “And So We Cry

  1. Gracious Lady: I thank you ever so much for your wonderful sweet words. And yes, I hope to continue wrtiting for as long as life and living would permit.

    Writing is the one passion that has remained through these years; doubtless the passion too has purpose.

    I pray that The Father and The Mother would [hopefully] bless me on this journey.



  2. Well said Delbert.

    It is unfortunate that boys are taught that “men don’t cry.” So many abusers are abusers because they choose to be – and they have a lot of pent up emotions. That “men must be tough” garbage is what fuels domestic violence and sexism in our world. Too often men equate “being a man” with picking up a gun, beat downs, and all sorts of evil.

    Jesus was the best example on earth as to what a “real man” should be. “Jesus wept.”

    I am so happy for you that you are not caught up in the hype of so-called masculinity. It takes a “real man” to admit that he has feelings, and he is not ashamed to express them. You are a “real man” Del, and I am very happy to know you.

    Keep writing, keep inspiring.



  3. Terry, I believe most of us live in some form of emotional pain. I do. I have all my life and will until I live no more. Fortunately I have learned to banish the fear of speaking out, of listening to me hurt. I have long lost the false sense of manhood, “Men must be tough,” the lie that little boys are taught and unfortunately live and die with; I refuse to die a lie and a lier.

    The inspiration for this poem came as I listened to Luciano Pavarotti and Mariah Carey share a rendition of her song, “Hero.” I listen to them often. The words the mood the passion of the song embraced me and touched a sensitive cord…and so I cried, and for a long time. As always my sadness my pain delivers my best works…and while the tears filled my face,the words to the poem were born.

    Sorrows are devastating: but even they are capable of the greatest joys.


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