Always, I Ask

Pain a passionate lover
A living loving sorrow
Tears tenderly hold me
And cry I must tomorrow

Nights are dark and lonely
The days are bittersweet
Dreams forecast a lifetime
Dreaming is incomplete

Mindfully I wonder
Why I suffer so
My spirit offers dryly
Only you could know

Life postures proudly
Posture pounds a fist
Resolve ever scornful
Boasting answers missed

The Father waits and watches
He never speaks a word
The Mother’s breast is warm
Her voice sweetly heard

Of life always I ask
Why this has to be
And then, I remember
(Because it’s me)
Copyright © 2009 Delbert H. Rhodes


2 thoughts on “Always, I Ask

  1. Thank you; yes,the written word is ever precious. Previously: It took awhile to publicly offer my works. That is, I would let no-one read them. My viewpoint was that “No-one wants to read my writing…only I,” but I took the leap and opened the pages to the public-a little bit at a time.

    Often, as would most, fearful/uncomfortable with criticism, I refrained reaching out. In time I learned that criticism, whether positive or negative, serves as a tool of reflection and improvement; helping me to return to the blackboard, to review my works, write better.

    Life offers the same tool (s), and though sometimes we anguish, still, we must endeavor to accept and then grow.



  2. I don’t know many men who think as deeply as you do. You are in touch with your soul – compassion, empathy, love, pain, sorrow – and all that makes up ones life experiences. And yet, void of bitterness. You have a gift from God that is precious – there is power in the written word – never let it go.



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