Alone in My Mind

I think of you, yes,
the taint of truth favors me,
and I cannot have you.

Your image is my imagination,
everything of you entices me;
I adore your face, smile and
classical lines.

A ship searching for treasure,
eagerly, I ride the seas.
The winds gorge me;
the swells burst my sails.

You climb atop me,
your hot thighs sweetly spread.
Smiling, you receive me.

Feverishly, our bodies rage.

Tenderly we love, equally giving,
submissively: we share a delicious

Swept along, and sensuously
flowing, our silence penetrates
the darkness.

Radiantly, your eyes permeate
pleasure. All you are is everything
I am.

Your voice, a seductive Fairytale;
it consoles me, controls me,
lulling me to sleep. I ache for you.

Beside me, you are a wonderful
vision, a painful reminder of something
I crave.

Sunshine silhouettes the clouds,
and while the morning watches,
steamy rain slides down the

In the shadows, I wait to breathe.
Sadly, you are lost to me;
some dreams never come true.

Longing, forever illusive;
still, beauty is ever honorable.

A man is never guilty of loving
but for his sins, he must suffer.

Lust and sweetness are children
to devastation. Alone in my mind,
I am in good company.

Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

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