A Beautiful Heart

Surrendering, your heart invades me; and
with tenderness, it touches my feelings.
Shapelessly teasing my eyes,
it is enticing; dare I look closer?

We begin a tireless journey;
sharing ideas, testing our imaginations,
drawing images of tomorrow.
Yes, I see you.

A beautiful heart, you lay it before me,
and something inside me stirs.
Are you displaying you?

Its lines are finite, fragile and flexible,
its form stretching, bending.
Fantastically recreating realities,
slowly, I reshape.

These moments with you are compelling;
staring into your eyes,
I see ‘my’ heart.
Please, show me more.

 Sensuousness seduces my spirit,
have you bewitched me;
are you inside me?

I may never know the answers;
would I ever know your heart?
Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Heart

  1. Hi, Del this poem reaches the depths of my heart. I’m sure many hearts feel the same, as I feel, but I can only speak for myself. Whoever she is I hope she knows shes a lucky girl. Hope to talk again soon.


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