We are the Fools

Happiness: forever evasive;
a pernicious pleasure to ponder?
See the world through sightless eyes

Should one wary to wonder

A table is round
The ball is flat
A witless scheme

A Merry-go-round
Spins haplessly
Her Knight
The Damsel’s dream

“Inside the rope:
What ties the knot?”

Does twilight
Mute its moon?

The dawning day
An intrusive sun
The Pawn a Queen
Too soon

Thy heart to lusting lotharios
Thy head to seductive sinners

A twisting turns the game of truth
Losers ever the winners

To fleeting moments
We are the fools
Less, the more to remember
Incubi wresting Succubi

Sirens steel surrender

Relentless reckless endearment
The ultimate hubris to hurry

Like daylight delivering darkness

(“Is happiness reasonable worry?”)
Copyright © 2015 Delbert H. Rhodes

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