There against the wall, waiting it seems
for desire, the will to speak with sounds.
Not the best of its kind, nevertheless,
the sounds it makes are sweet. 

Need brought it here,
and then a beauty poured from the
emptiness of its body.

Timeless ramble became signature
tempo chord and song.
The restless the lonely the idealistic
held it trusted it.

Trilling and humming, sweetly caressed
every emotion, every feeling, every passion. 

And there it waits

 It touched the human heart
tickled the mind and laughed
while crying silent tears.

Never was it without purpose: always
submissive and willing, and lovingly
open to momentary pause.

Circumstances bring changes,
and changes offer little greatness,
sometimes luring an overwhelming sorrow. 

The guileless Syren, it sits waiting
and watching for dramas, tales of
lovers flirting with winds of chance.

Alas, embracing a quiet stillness,
this guitar, this beautifully crafted
instrument, remains useless;
floating, like a mere speck of dust.

Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

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