Without Words

Beneath the skies
She lies dying
Her life stolen
This sweet day

The Palmetto bush
Her only witness
Without words
What could it say

A younger woman
Kill her they would
And the child
Her body bore

By raging fire
Her home destroyed
To death they hoped
She’d live no more

To the woods
In fear she ran
From town to town
She roamed

Tired and worn
And needing rest
Became her home

Before the tides
This life she leaves
Her blood pouring
Into the sands

Buzzards crying
Eagles screaming
Both wrists cut
By heartless hands

The Palmetto reaches
With tender fingers
Gently touching
Her cooling cheek

Though non-human
It feels her sorrows
And thrashing tearfully
It tries to speak
Copyright © 2010 Delbert H. Rhodes

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