Ever Taciturn

Life, a word with beauty torn
Living, the world’s duty borne

Time, to us a moment’s wink
Tormenting eyes suffer to blink

Wind, the trees a lofty song
Echoes, the caves forever long

Yearning ever a taciturn
The flirting heart fitfully burns

The cock a crow the Rooster’s hen
A thought to know to think again

A woman’s eyes her lips her smile
Enticing entrapping bewitching beguile

Beside the river its banks do flow
Rapture striving struggling to grow

The touch her hand a fleeting glance
Catch her ever daring to chance

Day by day the daunting stage
The endless night a fretful cage

On the morn the curtains peel
Haranguing horizons knees to kneel

Gleefully charming the cheerless light
Suffer to sleep once more by night

Sorrowful tears and painful pride
Taunting and twisted years to hide

Never again thy heart to give
Ever tarnished is life to live

To laugh by day by night to cry
Endlessly feeling the reasons why
Copyright © 2006 Delbert H. Rhodes

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