By Delbert H. Rhodes

May I welcome you to “My Words.” Here, muses are serious or humorous,  opening windows to every human feeling. Though the words flow from me to the page, often they are confusing, difficult to interpret, at times I fail to understand. Still, I realize that feelings passions and purposes are not and cannot always be clear; do not always make sense. In life: conveniences and simplicities could be elusive; therefore, (even) understanding must be earned; if one dares to will; if one finds the courage.

Many times, my writings demonstrate what I refer to as “opposition contradiction”; a thing opposing itself; something is but is not, a metaphor? Life, and living, demonstrates this quality. We share this life and remain individuals until it expires. Our similarities our differences are significant; our experiences and interpretations determine who we are; my works are reflective of my experiences, my life. Their interpretations (or lack thereof) are yours.

My writings begin in April 1975: while sitting on the stoop of a Science building, awaiting an 8:30 A. M. Zoology class, S.U.N.Y. At Cortland College. The moment overwhelms me. A sunlit morning, the temperature mild, sweet spring flowers perfume the air. Students move about in laughter, sharing taunts and tales, swelling with academic pride. A picture perfect morning captivates me, I put (the) pen to page.

During my years at the college, I compose four poems, and the school publishes them. After graduating, and for many years, I write no more. A summer in the early 1980s witnesses my next poem, and then another during the spring of 1986. Unfortunately, both poems are lost. Once more my writing halts; in the spring of 1995, I resume. Happily: I continue to write.

Again, folks it is my esteemed pleasure to welcome you; hoping (somehow) to touch your hearts and minds.

Thank You.


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