What Is Wrong With This Country?


Delbert H. Rhodes, Op-Ed


Obama-Holder Administration

“Voter Fraud”: If these accusations are accurate and true, then why all the surprise, the shock, the dismay? Accordingly, this country permits “illegals”-and “undocumented persons,” to reap the benefits of the US Dollar, and in amounts boasting billions! Therefore, and come on, now, “What are millions of “documented” votes?” After all, folks, this is America, and here, every dream not only is possible, but does come true. Makes Me Sick! “America, America, oh, say can’t you SEE?”

*OUTRAGE*: Illegal Alien With seven Kids Got Food Stamps, Housing & Social Security – for 20 Years!

Terrible! This woman lives better than I do. The federal government now taxes my tiny retirement at almost 100%, to do what, help fund these illegals! If I trespassed on the grounds of the White House, I could be shot and killed. If I trespassed on “your” properties, you would demand that I leave and if I failed to, I would be expelled by police, or by “any means necessary,” and rightfully! Yet the country not only permits these criminals to remain here, but also provides them every loophole, every access to “our” benefits, while denying aid to its citizens.

Some politicians are merely Political Whores craving votes, and use every tool to obtain them, and at WHOSE expense. These illegals should be hunted down, rounded up, and kicked the hell out of this country. (And) I neither care about race, color, creed, religion, nor politics, REMOVE THE ILLEGALS NOW!

Currently, I am unemployed and suffering to find work. Previously, I suffered a severe dental problem, and although I never ask others for help, my circumstances left me little choice; therefore, I telephoned a local medical facility, one specializing in aid to non-citizens. The facility denied aid to me. You can contact an agency in New York City, she said. Thanks, “click.”

Daily, I, as we all do, witness the many reasons this country demonstrates its dire hypocrisies, its “willingness” to ignore its own. SHAME. Here, federal and doubtless, state dollars support criminals but deny me a citizen help; and after I paid into Social Security, and other State taxes during my working years?  Writing is my only sword, and I have grown weary of watching from the sidelines, from now on, my VOICE loudly speaks. I stand ready to help champion the fight; my voice alerts to every parasite feeding on our nation.

Copyright © 2013 Delbert H. Rhodes

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