Reasonable Cause To Believe: “I Don’t Know”


North Miami Police Department: #THIS IS SHAMEFUL!

Police Officer Jonathan Aledda of the North Miami Police Department shot a man, although the man, unarmed, lied on his back, with hands in the air, and continued to loudly identify himself as a Behavioral Therapist from a Group Home, and was presently attending to an Autistic Patient who held a toy truck.

The Police responded to the scene because, reportedly, a man had a gun.

“This” excessive use of force negatively impacts and embarrasses every Police Officer whom properly does his and her jobs. “This” shames every Police Department.

Absolutely, there was no reason for the Police to shoot Mr. Charles Kinsey. (And) then use multiple cuffing techniques; additionally, to leave this man for a great length of time without medical assistance. Even after Pepper Spraying a Suspect, Police are required to administer assistance; and, as soon as possible. According to him, Mr. Kinsey was shot and left unattended. Shame!

#Reasonable #Cause #To #Believe  Where was the Threat?

 Mr. Kinsey: “Why did you shoot me?”

Officer: “I don’t know.”


Whenever someone is detained, i.e., for a Traffic Stop, the person stopped/detainee must-PO-be Lawfully advised of the reason (s) for the Stop. Yet, here, the Officer answers, “I don’t know.”

While in the Police Academy Cadets are #Trained to say nothing after Police involved incidents at a scene. The Officer (s) is/are quickly removed from the scene and then taken to the Station for Interview, and what follows, departmentally, other. “I don’t know,” seems, on one hand, as an honest admission by the Officer, or, possibly, relating to saying nothing…by saying something.

Either way, a man was wrongfully shot and might have been killed. (And, to me,) it matters not the so called “race” of the Officer, or that of the Suspect, what matters, truly, are the facts, truths and end results.

Officers of other races, including Black Officers, shoot White people; therefore, citing racial determinants as the (main) reason for non-Black, or, White Officer shootings of Blacks may be erroneously and even emotionally stated. The exact reasoning, thereby, is applicable to non-White Officer shootings of White people. The facts and truths must be professionally, properly weighed.

Here: and obviously, a man was wrongfully shot. Surprisingly, the person, patient, with the reported “gun,” was not shot/injured by the Police and never “cuffed.” The Police focus never involved the person with the “gun,” but the man, lying on his back, arms in the air, and without a weapon and identifying himself as a Behavioral Therapist. (Why?!).

As an ex-Police Officer (SPD), I admire the jobs that the men and women in Blue do; most are righteous, respectful and caring; however, and as demonstrated here and on many other occasions, some are simply Mindless Idiots behind a badge.

Misuses of power should never go without administrative and or higher degrees of punishment. Yes, situations and circumstances differ: “This” situation and its circumstance demand that the criminal Officer be severely adjudicated.

I wholeheartedly support The Blue; however, I would never support wrong, in any color.

“I don’t know.” (!)



(c) 2016 Delbert H. Rhodes
Source: Facebook, July 22, 2016