Jessie Campbell: A Voice A Vision

By: Delbert H. Rhodes, Op-Ed

English: Christina Aguilera singing "Hurt...

During the past weeks, some of the most amazing talents ever assembled have mesmerized me. The Voice, airing on NBCs channel 4, has presented select individuals from across the nation; each person demonstrating great singing abilities; some trained and others boasting a heavenly gift.

Mr. Jesse Campbell is one of those individuals. Left alone to care for and raise a young daughter, at some point Jesse suffers homelessness. Together he and daughter sleep in his car, the daughter nestling on daddy’s chest for safety comfort and security. The Voice chose Jessie for competition and not only does he impress, but raises the house roof with song.

Jesse has a dream a vision; he wants to do this for his daughter. “She was there when I had to sing on the streets.” “She is my halo.”  Jesse’s daughter is the force driving him to accomplishment. His child is his life. Accordingly, Jesse is the man “to beat.”

The competition continues to be tough, and all competitors vie for top position. Naturally, along the way, the competitive field must shrink, lessening the numbers competing for the prize. Team Christina’s Jesse Campbell remains at the top of the heat, as does individuals from Teams Adam, Cee Lo and Blake. The teams’ final four remains, but then there is an unexpected final reduction. One more team member (from each team) must go. The night of April 16, 2012, Teams Christina and Blake would begin the final cut.

First up: Team Christina’s members adorn the stage for a last opportunity. All members sing well though one demonstrates flaws. Lindsay Pavao, a favorite throughout the competition fails in (some) delivery of pitch. Coaches Adam and Blake analyze her flaws indicating these would not harm her in the competition. After all, Lindsay has a following, and (even) Blake Shelton admits to following her on iTunes. Ashley De La Rosa celebrating her eighteenth birthday performs exceedingly well.

Effortlessly, Ashley delivers the lows and highs of her song. Jesse Campbell sings incredibly well, his expressions of passions and suffrage is apparent and vibrant. The man is “connected” to his song. Chris Mann wows us stepping from the Classics into a new genre of song. The man receives accolades from the coaches including his coach Christina.

In my opinion, though Christina applauds Jesse’s performance, saying that she thinks he “…really brought it today”, she tends to be less connected to Jesse than when critiquing Ashley Lindsay and Chris. With them and others, Christina leans in has big eyes her smile is larger warmer she accentuates her gesturing. While critiquing Jesse the lady tends to sit back in her chair, and away from him.

Generally, on Team Christina, Jesse Campbell and Chris Mann appear to rest at the top, leaving Ashley De La Rosa and Lindsay Pavao representing the lower rungs. Certainly one might believe that the selections would be Chris and Jesse and then either Ashley or Lindsay. Booooom! The hammer drops and Christina drops Jesse. ARE YOU KIDDING!

This writer has some training in music and singing, knowing little of technique, understanding lots about what appears as “bias.” Possibly, Christina Aguilera shows a personal preference to Lindsay Pavao. Curious, after all, Lindsay Pavao is the one member who fails [somewhat] to deliver the goods.

The clock ticking, Christina characteristically holds us in suspense. Referring to her “gut” and at (long) last, the lady tells us the something that this writer has suspected. She drops Jesse Campbell.

Doctoring the blow, Christina indicates that some members (more than others) risked by stepping out of their comfort zones; she indicates that some-more than others-demonstrate ‘growing’ changing for the better in the process. Also, and to those attentive to the signals the lady sends, Christina indicates that she too is capable of flaw.

Christina chooses to remove from her team and The Voice, possibly, one of her (most) valuable members. Doubtless, the voice of Jesse Campbell was one of the greatest-ever.

Long Shot: What is the possibility that Christina, after learning of the newly added “final cut,” decided “that” moment which team member to remove? Right! Okay, the process of elimination must occur, the viewing public must have opportunity to vote… to be actively a part in the process.

Ultimately, the Coach has final say in the matter.

Additionally, as do all the coaches, and to be fair, Christina Aguilera has a “Strategy,” her ideal of what she is looking for in her team members, and how the dots must connect at the end. Therefore, it matters little how the votes and viewers relate.

Again, the matter is the viewpoint of the coach.

You might ask, “Does integrity play a role, or lack thereof?” Who’s to say? For, without electrodes to probe the human brain and a screen from which to view the cerebral cortex, analyze representative responses to questions or situations, interpretations of human thinking, in my opinion, would be inaccurate. All becomes supposition, guesswork.

Christina Aguilera is a wonderfully gifted singer and  performer, and a huge favorite of the writer, however, the wonder is whether she chose objectively or did a deeper more personal connection to Lindsay Pavao influence her decision.

Over the past weeks, viewers have witnessed many wonderful and deserving singers deleted because the process demanded. Doubtless, these individuals would have opportunities availed them by the recording and other industries. Those of us fortunate to hear the angelic passionately powerful voice of Mr. Jesse Campbell might agree that he too is deserving of opportunities granted by his abilities and good fortune to be hosted by The Voice on national television.

After all: There in every voice lives a vision.

Copyright 2012 Delbert H. Rhodes

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