For “Maya”: A Dedication to Dr. Maya Angelou

Delbert H. Rhodes, Op-Ed

Image Credit, Poetry.Com

I do not know you yet I knew you. I cannot touch your hands, but feel your heart. The air you taste though far from me swells the trees I see, and its breath warms me. Your vibrant thinking  as it trembles ponders the stillness of mine.

The horrors of life line your palms; and though your heart aches of dire sorrows, you entreat kindness, embrace patience and cajole persistence. Refusing acceptance to hate you, instead, surrender to love. You practice and pride these things paving the way to a life of human service.

You were the rock, the river, the tree, a mother, father, sibling, or friend; and while sharing these with all welcoming them, you beseech, and sometimes demand these of all denying them. “Maya,” your childhood nickname lives as an immortal image, a vision in every mind, a sweet throb in every heart; and an ever-challenging quest to anyone willing to understand, and or question the pitfalls of terror, hate, love and acceptance. In many ways, you were the Angel to deliver us from evil.

Today, we say good-bye to a great mind, a wonderful heart, and intelligence. We have lost a loving person, an “incredible” to life. She permitted us access to her suffering, and sincerity, to her thoughts and humility, to her persecutions and promises, to her helplessness and hopeful ends to inhumanity; we have lost another gift from God. The greats of humility and humanity were her company. Whether Presidential, or Monarchy, Politicians or Peasants, this Lady presented with honesty, honor, integrity, and hope; and thereby giving us Maya, she gave us love. She showed us the way.

Personally and unfortunately, I never had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Maya Angelou, but I have followed, admired, and adored her for decades. Once ranking lowly in society she rose to inaugurate a President, become instrumental in social change, and a timeless beacon of glowing truth and believing. Burdened by the hardships of her life, Maya walked the pathways of enduring perseverance; she overcame, and excelled.

The adulterated elements of Maya’s life forged her battle-axes; they became the swords with which she sought, found and fought unending wars of commitment; these charges were her barons to social injustices. Maya is, was, and ever remains someone for all to admire.

I am both happy and exceedingly proud of whom she was; immensely proud, that she lived during my lifetime. My ears would ever listen to Maya’s voice; forever to remind me, that the caged bird sing, “On the Pulse of a Morning.”

As I continue to cry for my lost brother, this day, I cry for the loss of a sister. Dr. Maya Angelou, I thank you; I love you-Rest in Peace.

Copyright © 2014 Delbert H. Rhodes

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