The Water Witch

The tiny drop
Finally fell
Somewhere there
Inside the well

No cries rang out
The silence heard
It slipped away
Without a word

Inside the womb
It lay in state
Its liquid form
Loosing shape

A tiny spot
It slowly dries
Without tears
It never cries

Soon below
The waterspout
Another drop
Oozing out

Clinging on
Can it last
Precious time
Fading fast

Slowly stretching
Crystal chain
Soon to fall
Into the drain

The Water Witch
Her weeping cry
(From this day
No drop shall die!)

In water spouts
And tearing eyes
Form smiling drops
Of rain that cries

Return no more
Tormenting pains
Dying drops
In lifeless drains

From coast to coast
The rivers flow
The Water Witch
Has made it so

Copyright © 2004 Delbert H. Rhodes

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