Some Old Smoke

A man sits thinking
High on a hill
The winds blowing coldly
Giving him a chill

Above him the blanket
Is starry and bright
The glistening heavens
A glorious sight

Below from the valley
Songs he could hear
Although far away
The melody is clear

Of Christmas they sing
So cheerful and gay
“Oh, how lovely.”
He hears himself say

The women sing loudly
Men chime in strong
And children, they’re happy
To just sing along

His heart feeling warm
And stars dancing by
Each passing decade
The man starts to cry

There to the right
In the town square
A brightly-lit tree
Embracing the air

“Merry Christmas, my friends.”
He says to the night
Pulling out some old smoke
He lights up his pipe

Archaic this dweller
He lives in each song
With every tender word
He has been here too long

With an eternal stare
And smiling through tears
Another birthday for him…
Another four thousand years.
Copyright © 2008 Delbert H. Rhodes

4 thoughts on “Some Old Smoke

  1. Yes, the “old one” is ever with me. He follows everywhere, and from time to time shares a tasteful counsel.

    Terry, thank you for your sincerety, and your valuable time; a brief pause from time to time to review my words is a wonderful gift…more than I could hope to gain.


  2. Hi Delbert, nice site, cool endeavor! This is the first one I have read, I plan to read all of them, seams interesting! I like this poem, alot!


    1. Hi Penni! Happy that you have taken a look, and also read something! “Some Old Smoke” too is a favorite of mine. Sometimes my poems are confusing and I trash them; I have a few like this, but as of late, I keep this type; sometimes even understanding must be earned. Yes, I too like the site and many others here on WordPress; they do a wonderful job. (And) please do continue to stop-by whenever you’ve time or desire. I update material and also change Themes, how the site looks, occasionally. Great chatting with you! Talk again soon.


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