One Hundred Pennies

Christmas Eve
Lying in my bed
Upon the roof
He’ll land, they said

Before you sleep
Your heart do cross
Stored in his sack
The wish you lost

When Santa comes
He’ll bring good cheer
Sledding smiles
Of nine reindeer

Down your chimney
So snug and tight
With him comes
Your wish that night

To Christmas songs
And finger popping
One by one
He fills your stockings

He’ll drink his milk
Eat cookies too
Tip by your bed
To peep at you

Crumbs in the plate
Then up he goes
Toys to deliver
On tippy toes

Roof to roof
Fly crystal wings
Comes Santa’s sled
With joy he brings

Morning wakes
Beneath the tree
A special wish
Waits there for me

With giant eyes
And swollen heart
The pretty wrappings
I tear apart

A cowboy suit
With guns to match
Cowboy boots
And Cowboy hat

My special wish
Forever saved, the
One hundred pennies
Grandpa gave
Copyright © 2003 Delbert H. Rhodes

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